Special Session on IEEE IECON 2021 Awaiting Papers

A special session that was proposed by Barış Bulut (Enforma), Luis Lino Ferreira (ISEP) and Goreti Marreiros (ISEP) for the 47th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON 2021) is now approved by the IEEE. The session is supported by the IEEE-IES Technical Committee on Industrial Informatics (TC-II).

The title of the special session is “Predictive maintenance architectures and applications for industrial systems”.

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Organisations are continuously researching new strategies to improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of their equipment, from highly complex and computerised industrial machines to refurbished equipment. This is now possible due to the high levels of automation and, particularly to innovative IoT solutions.

Particularly, maintenance costs vary between 15% and 70% of production or ownership costs, making maintenance an important cost to be reduced. Therefore, this session aims at addressing the main problems of designing industrial maintenance systems, from the collection of data from sensors to its analysis supported by advanced algorithms. The session targets all kinds of maintenance paradigms, from reactive to predictive and prescriptive, or any other kind of advanced maintenance concepts, with a strong focus on architectures and design.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Architectures for maintenance applications
  • Industrial applications and pilots on emerging maintenance techniques
  • Sensors and Cyber Physical Systems for maintenance applications
  • Filtering of data
  • Condition monitoring
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Signal analysis algorithms for maintenance applications
  • Diagnosis & Prognosis & Remaining useful life
  • Maintenance safety
  • New frontiers: Machine as a service, maintenance as a service and reliable manufacturing

Interested parties please contact llf [at], mgt [at], baris [at]

Second Annual Review

SMART-PDM Annual Review #2 was held on 2 March 2021..

The consortium gave a presentation before Zeynep Sarılar (ITEA Chairwoman), Erik Rodenbach (ITEA Programme Coordinator), and the two reviewers, namely Christian Dietrich (Thales DIS FRANCE SAS) and Mats Ekman (Saab AB, Sweden).

The consortium presented results from the second year of the project (2020) and received constructive feedback.

Ms Sarılar sharing very valuable feedback and making closing remarks with the SMART-PDM team.

SMART-PDM General Assembly #4

The consortium’s general assembly meeting was held online on 17 December 2020, during the ongoing pandemic. Most if not all of the consortium partners were present. Matters relating to the imminent PPR, action points and the year-2 annual review were discussed.


Internal Dissemination Workshop on Arrowhead, Mimosa and Mantis

An workshop was organised on 6 June 2020 to internally disseminate knowledge on Arrowhead, Mimosa and Mantis, as well as to stimulate inter-partner collaboration.

  • Arrowhead Framework by Martin Larrañaga Unanue
  • Arrowhead by Luis Lino Ferreira
  • Arrowhead Technology for Digitalisation and Automation Solution: Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture by George Suciu
  • Mimosa; ISO 13374 – Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Machines – Data Processing, Communication and Presentation by Riku Salokangas
  • Mimosa – Basics of Semantics and Ontology by Riku Salokangas
  • Mimosa Metadata Model by Riku Salokangas
  • Introduction to Mantis by Pal Varga (external presenter from Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Arrowhead presentation by artin Larrañaga Unanue.
Mimosa presentation by Riku Salokangas.
Arrowhead presentation by Luis Lino Ferreira.
Mantis presentation by Pal Varga.
Arrowhead presentation by George Suciu.

SMART-PDM General Assembly Was Held Online Under Pandemic Conditions

During the pandemic, the third general assembly was held online. The consortium’s general assembly meeting was held online on 20 May 2020. Conciding with the first few months of the Covid-19 pandemic, most if not all of the consortium partners were present at the meeting. Matters relating to the imminent PPR, action points and feedback from the year-1 annual review were discussed.


First Annual Review

The project’s first annual review was held in İstanbul just before the major outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, on 4 March 2020. ITEA was represented by Philippe Letellier (ITEA Vice Chairman) and Erik Rodenbach (ITEA Programme Manager), and we had Christian Dietrich (Thales DIS FRANCE SAS, France) as the reviewer.

The consortium received constructive feedback on the progress during the first year of the project.

Dr Bulut (project leader) openning up the session by providing background basics of the project (later presented WP3 and WP6 also)
In-person international presence was low due to many travel restrictions kicking in at the time, but we established teleconference connections with everyone back home 🙂
You can see Unai (Tecnalia) presenting Spanish use cases (also presented WP1).
George Suciu Sr. of BEIA is presenting.
In a wrap-up session, Erik gave the team very valuable feedback on year-1 progress.

International kick-off

The consortium’s international kick-off was held at Tecnalia’s premises in Madrid on 3-4 April 2019.