First Annual Review

The project’s first annual review was held in İstanbul just before the major outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, on 4 March 2020. ITEA was represented by Philippe Letellier (ITEA Vice Chairman) and Erik Rodenbach (ITEA Programme Manager), and we had Christian Dietrich (Thales DIS FRANCE SAS, France) as the reviewer.

The consortium received constructive feedback on the progress during the first year of the project.

Dr Bulut (project leader) openning up the session by providing background basics of the project (later presented WP3 and WP6 also)
In-person international presence was low due to many travel restrictions kicking in at the time, but we established teleconference connections with everyone back home 🙂
You can see Unai (Tecnalia) presenting Spanish use cases (also presented WP1).
George Suciu Sr. of BEIA is presenting.
In a wrap-up session, Erik gave the team very valuable feedback on year-1 progress.