Internal Dissemination Workshop on Arrowhead, Mimosa and Mantis

An workshop was organised on 6 June 2020 to internally disseminate knowledge on Arrowhead, Mimosa and Mantis, as well as to stimulate inter-partner collaboration.

  • Arrowhead Framework by Martin Larrañaga Unanue
  • Arrowhead by Luis Lino Ferreira
  • Arrowhead Technology for Digitalisation and Automation Solution: Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture by George Suciu
  • Mimosa; ISO 13374 – Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Machines – Data Processing, Communication and Presentation by Riku Salokangas
  • Mimosa – Basics of Semantics and Ontology by Riku Salokangas
  • Mimosa Metadata Model by Riku Salokangas
  • Introduction to Mantis by Pal Varga (external presenter from Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Arrowhead presentation by artin Larrañaga Unanue.
Mimosa presentation by Riku Salokangas.
Arrowhead presentation by Luis Lino Ferreira.
Mantis presentation by Pal Varga.
Arrowhead presentation by George Suciu.