Wind Energy

Predictive maintenance is widely seen as a critical service for the future of the wind energy industry. It can help wind farm operators to cut maintenance costs, minimise downtime and optimise energy production.

Common pain point: Establishing predictive maintenance decision support systems for wind turbine & switch yard damage is vital to reduce production losses and maintenance costs.
Unexpected gearbox, generator, transformer, rotor failures can lead to
Loss of production: 48 MWh – 87 MWh per turbine per day
Maintenance cost lies around € 170-490k per equipment
– Increased inventory cost in case of no RUL (Remaining Useful Life) estimation

One Proposed solution: In order to reduce production loss, maintenance and inventory costs, data collected from the turbine, additional sensor and switch yard will be input to decision support algorithms. Advantages of such an improvement include:
– Optimisation of workforce planning
– Optimisation of equipment planning
– Optimisation of inventory costs
Reducing long-term production losses
Reduce maintenance & component replacement costs arising from damage